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DIY help in Scunthorpe

At GSI (Get Someone In Ltd) we understand that life can get busy, leaving you with little time to tackle those small yet essential odd jobs around your home. That's where we come in - your reliable and skilled home help in Scunthorpe and the surrounding area.

Whether it's hanging picture frames, fitting shower curtains, or any other minor household task, our team of experts is here to lend a helping hand.


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Handyman changing lightbulb


 Some of the jobs GSI (Get Someone In Ltd) can do for you:

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Shower curtain

Fitting of shower

Warehouse with furniture

Collection of goods from shop or warehouse and deliver to home

Handyman putting together flatpack furniture

Putting together of flat pack

Handyman installing curtain rail

Fitting of curtain rails

Curtain pole

Fitting of curtain poles

Blinds on a window

Fitting of blinds

Wall with hanging picture frames

Hanging of picture frames

Wall with clock hanging on it

Fitting of ornaments

Electrician changing a plug socket

General electrical work

Plumber fixing broken pipe

General plumbing work

Man mowing a lawn

Grass cutting

White fence in a garden

Fence fitting

White gate in a garden

Gate Fitting

Man cleaning a faucet

Home cleaning services

Van with furniture outside a house

Gate fitting