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Handyman in Scunthorpe

Whether you need help replacing a light bulb, or need someone to renovate your house, GSI (Get Someone In Ltd) are here to help.

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Helping you around the home – jobs big and small

We consider most home improvement work within a 20 mile radius of Scunthorpe.
Whether the job you have in mind is a small chore or a large project, give us a call, or click on the following options to find out more.




Our business ethos

There is no business that embodies the idea that no job is too small as much as ours. Our helpful team will speak with you in detail about whichever job is giving you problems. Whether you have a leaking tap or need home refurbishment, you can rely on GSI (Get Someone In Ltd). Our Handymen in Scunthorpe are always here to help.

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Handymen in Scunthorpe

As handymen in Scunthorpe, we serve a 20 mile radius of our location. Give us a call if you are unsure if we cover your location on:
 07384 378989

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Why choose Get Someone In LTD?

 Positive company culture

Everyone in our company is on the same page, and we look after both clients and team members properly.

 Dedicated hard-working team

We are rightly proud of our staff, and each member of our team wants to make sure your work is completed perfectly every time.

 No job too small

For GSI (Get Someone In Ltd) no job is too small, and our Handymen in Scunthorpe can make sure every part of your home is looked after.

 Easy communication

You can call us any time on:

07384 378989 or email us at: enquiries@getsomeoneinltd.com.

 All work considered

Whether you have a light bulb that needs changing or a bathroom fitting, our team will complete your assignment at a reasonable cost, and within reasonable time.

 Any hours

We are happy to work outside of normal 9 to 5 hours by agreement, so the work can be completed at your convenience.

 Easy payment

All major Credit and Debit Cards are welcome for payment.






Handymen Job vacancies

Here at GSI (Get Someone In Ltd) we have a range of part time and full time vacancies for Handymen in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas. Whether you have experience in painting and decorating, carpentry, tiling, plastering, or plumbing, we would like to hear from you.

If you have a ‘can-do' attitude, and produce high quality work, email us at enquiries@getsomeoneinltd.com, with your CV.



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